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Hello again. It has been a while since my last post, what with the moving back to Prague, Christmas and the cold weather (it's a weak excuse I know ). So here we are back to business as usual and this week I thought that since I am now living in Zabehlice and I don't know the area, then why not have a good gander through all the streets and see what it has to offer though from what I have seen it's mostly residential so I will keep my fingers crossed that we find some few hidden gems. The area's main attraction is the fish pond and Sports centre at Humr. You can walk around the pond and enjoy the beautiful wildlife and almost forget that you are just a stone's throw away from the Prague ring road. The area itself is fairly small but for those of you that live in the area I hope that you will find a few rays of hope in the places that we uncovered and that it might stop you heading into the centre for a drink and some food occasionally.
          The big surprise for us was a little American restaurant that we went to for St Martin's goose though unfortunately we don't have any photos because the lighting is as I would describe, very romantic and my camera was not able to do the food justice though I would recommend those of you that live in Zabehlice or even in the areas of Strasnice and Vrsovice to go and have a meal at Na Vinobrani especially if you want to make up with a loved one. And the recommendations don't end there.


For my birthday we decided to try out one of the restaurants from Zabehlice and seeing as my partner in crime was 8 months pregnant, we decided to try the closest most interesting place which fortunately for my lovely girlfriend was about 100m from the flat. Kotelna means Boiler room and it is quite fitting that they have a large fireplace in the restaurant especially in the colder months like the present cold spell we are having at the moment though secretly I am praying for it to end fairly soon. The restaurant has a nice red brick interior and wooden tables and seats around 50 and although as a plus it has WIFI it isn't a non smoking restaurant.
      One of the reasons for going there was the steaks on the menu. I am always looking out for a place that can serve a decent steak and one that arrives at the table exactly like you ordered and not well done. I am a medium rare man and I like to see a little bit of blood especially on a quality piece of meat. We went there one afternoon and took our little boy, so we chose a quieter time of the day because we didn't fancy taking our boy into a fume filled room and luckily there were just 2 tables in use so we didn't have to feel such bad parents for taking our little boy there. The overall first impression was like a small harvester restaurant without a salad bar thankfully and the lady who was working we found to be very helpful and friendly though as I said previously there were only a couple of tables so she wasn't very pushed. I went for a large cold Pilsner of course and my partner a jug of ice water with orange and lemon pieces in it. For our meal I went for the Fore rib steak medium rare and Anna went for the Burger. The steak was served on a wooden block with fries and a Sambal sauce (a hot chilli sauce from Asia) and it was cooked to perfection and the quality of the meat was pretty decent and coming from me that means that I was impressed especially as it was 300g and cost only 295czk. My girlfriend's burger was also pretty unique. The cheese was mixed in with the mince so when you bit into the burger you had what  was a nicely cooked burger which was fairly moist and it came with home-made potato chips and the portion size was very generous to.We will definitely come here again, though not when it is prime time because we don't like eating in smoky restaurants even when the food was as nice as it was here but we do appreciate good food and service like we had here so we are willing to sacrifice a little principle for the joys of good food and service


Tai He Lou – Chinese
Zvonkova 2

Club Restaurant Peugeot

Na Vinobrani - American

Rotondo – pizzeria

Cafes and bars

Moe's bar

Hospudka u Kopeckych
Ke skalkám 1642/84

Cafe Sauna

Bar u Konvalinek
Záběhlická 192/73

Pivnice u Rysu

Places of interest

Dutch furniture

Cake shop Venturka
Ostružinová 4

Club for children and parents K2

Adidas outlet
Žirovnická 5

Hamr – sports centre and restaurant

Tenis H Servis

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