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Hello again, it has been a while since we last published something but we haven't been completely idle, I promise you. We managed to get around Vinohrady and Zizkov again so look forward to updates of these areas over the following few weeks hopefully and as we speak I am cycling around the streets of Zabehlice although rain forced me off the streets sadly but I will be back this weekend to finish off the job.
      Since the last post a lot has happened in our life. My SVG is very very pregnant so it feels a bit like when we first started the blog back in 2010, although Anna is not able to walk around the streets and help me anymore because she has to look after our gorgeous little Sammy. I am a little biased towards him admittedly and I hope that you can forgive me, if you are a parent then you will I am sure. We have also moved flat, as now we are expanding our empire and we do need some more living space and an extra bedroom helps of course. The move did take longer that we thought to find a place and during this time we were taken in by the incredibly kind Butler clan who let us stay with them at their house near to Ricany until we found the right place.
      I hope that you will enjoy the new updates. There have been a few changes to the last post plus instead of 3 posts on Vinohrady we only have 2, but there are more places to see, so a bigger overview although it is impossible to include all the places in the blog, consider that we took over 800 photos in Vinohrady, so we had to reduce it significantly and these are our own personal choices so if you disagree then please comment on the places that you think also deserve to be mentioned as it will be very useful to all the people who also see the blog.


Our review on this post is from a newly opened place as far as our blog is concerned called Note Bene. It is discreetly hidden in a small street parallel to Zitna and just around the corner from Tesco Express at I. P. Pavlova. Note Bene is one of a growing breed of what I would loosely classify as boutique pubs or even gastro pubs which put a lot of importance on the products that they sell, being the beer and food of course. This is the reason why we chose it as a tribute to these establishments that are really understanding what the customer wants when they go out. The staff who are very knowledgeable and friendly and passionate about what they are selling. A bit like a car salesman for Mercedes Benz or Aston Martin for example.
      They have usually 6 beers on tap and they are written on blackboards at the far end of the bar. 2 of the house beers are Unetickeho 10 and 12 degrees and are always on offer and the other 4 choices change periodically. Couldn't say how often but the several times that I have been in there, the beers have been different. The menu is limited and changed daily, consisting of one starter usually a soup and 3 main courses and that is all they offer, though lacking in choice the food makes up for in quality and value for money. The bar itself only has about 12 tables so it is fairly small but is very nicely furnished in a modern wrought iron and wood textured look and is non smoking so for those smokers out there, you'll have to step outside unfortunately.
    I went there with Anna and Sammy and they had a high chair so that was a big plus for us. I had the veprove vypecky, cervene zeli na vine a bramborove knedliky, which is basically pork cuts with pickled red cabbage and dumplings and it was very well presented, looked and tasted very good and was polished off very quickly. Anna had the Hovezi na smetane, pattyho knedliky which to all us is known more commonly as svickova and it looked quite different to the thin slices of meat swimming in a creamy veggie sauce that we have had in the past. The meat was a bigger cut and had clearly been cooked for a very long time but it fell apart quite easily and was very tender. I thought that it should have been a cut from the fillet but I am sure that it was a slightly different cut because of the texture and after some research I found that apart from the fillet they also use shoulder cuts, so I guess it was the latter but it was very nice and the traditional 5 dumpling minimum was very filling. This is a place that we would go to again and it is a place that you could regularly visit because the menu and the beers are constantly changing. The atmosphere is very warm and cosy even though the decor is very modern in design and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly as I said above, so give it a try at lunch or dinner. It is a great start to a Saturday football sesh or a quick mid week lunch.

                                                Nota Bene


Bong Sen – Vietnamese
web: bongsenrestaurant.cz
review: foursquare.com/v/bong-sen/4fce3f0be4b0f3e4b849c158

Slezska Rybarna
web: http://www.slezskarybarna.cz

Dish Fine Burger Bistro
web: dish.cz/
review: www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d3734208-Reviews-Dish_fine_burger_bistro-Prague_Bohemia.html

Sen – Vietnamese
Slezska 20

Stastny Drak – Asian
web: www.asijskarestaurace.cz

Zapomenuty Cas
web: www.zapomenutycas.cz

Pho Tuan Lan – Vietnamese
web: photuanlan.com/
review: foursquare.com/v/pho-vietnam-tuan--lan/4fface89e4b0a0306dbfd10e

Balarama – vegetarian
web: www.balarama.cz/web/index.html
review: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d1224732-Reviews-Balarama-Prague_Bohemia.html

U Stolu
web: www.ustolurestaurant.cz/

Kabuki Sushi – Asian Fusion
web: www.facebook.com/pages/Kabuki-Sushi-Praha/391671117592950?id=391671117592950&sk=info

Lal Qila – Indian
web: www.lalqila.cz/
review: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d2189343-Reviews-Lal_Qila-Prague_Bohemia.html

Tobiko – Asian
web: www.tobiko.cz

web: www.aromi.cz/en/home/
review: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d811869-Reviews-Aromi-Prague_Bohemia.html

web: www.facebook.com/centimetr

web: www.greenz.cz

The Pind – Indian
web: www.thepind.cz/
review: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d1945674-Reviews-The_Pind-Prague_Bohemia.html

Bila Vrana
web: www.bilavrana.com
review: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d1093741-Reviews-Bila_Vrana-Prague_Bohemia.html

La Bottega di Aromi
web: www.aromi.cz/en/home

Lucemburska 1832/38

Cafes & bars

Techtle Mechtle
web: www.techtle-mechtle.cz
review: www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d4288415-Reviews-Techtle_Mechtle-Prague_Bohemia.html

web: www.balbinka.cz/

web: www.javarestaurant.cz/kontakt
review: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d2338222-Reviews-Java_Restaurant_Cafe-Prague_Bohemia.html

Vino u Aly
web: www.vinoualy.cz

web: www.restaurantsokolovna.cz/
review: www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d2174283-Reviews-Sokolovna-Prague_Bohemia.html

web: www.facebook.com/Hapubar
review: www.expats.cz/prague/article/bar-reviews/bar-review-hapu/

U Vodoucha
web: uvodoucha.pivovarkostelec.cz/
review: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d3859077-Reviews-U_Vodoucha-Prague_Bohemia.html

Wings Club
web: www.wingsclub.cz
review: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d1091301-Reviews-Wings_Club-Prague_Bohemia.html

web: beergeek.cz

The Tavern
web: www.thetavern.cz/
review: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d3381330-Reviews-The_Tavern-Prague_Bohemia.html

Cafe Buddha
web: www.cafebuddha.cz

Radost FX
web: radostfx.cz/
review: www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d694864-Reviews-Radost_FX-Prague_Bohemia.html

Nota Bene – restaurant & beerpoint
web: www.notabene-restaurant.cz/
review: www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d3477796-Reviews-Nota_Bene-Prague_Bohemia.html

Sklipek u Munku
web: www.umunku.evron.cz

Tapas bar u PerunaPerunova 15

Los v Oslu
web: www.losvoslu.cz

web: www.ikofein.cz/home.htm

U Bohouse
web: www.restauraceubohouse.cz

U Kacire
Jezkova 13

Places of interest

Richter - tailor's
web: www.salon-richter.cz

Vinohradska 55

web: www.joga.cz

Thrift storeweb: thriftshop.cz

Butch's Burgerweb: www.butchsburger.cz

Comics Pointweb: www.comicspoint.cz

Stone House - massage studio
web: ww.stonehouse.cz

Sports club Oaza
Italska 41

U krale zeleznic - Train models
web: www.ukralezeleznic.cz

Gun shop
web: www.bvs.cz/index.html

Wushu centre
web: www.wushucentrum.cz

Billiard club
web: www.billiard-ripska.cz

Love Your Skin – skincare & hair studio
web: www.loveyourskin.cz

Fishing equipment Cormoran
web: www.los-cormoran.cz

All about diving – Octopus Divers
web: www.octopusdivers.cz/cs

Music intruments – Countryon
web: www.countryon.cz

Bio shop
web: www.biovinohrady.cz

Pavlis – Butcher's
web: www.pavlis.cz

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