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After a lot of hard work mainly on my girlfriend's behalf, collecting all the information on the delis that we have discovered on our many trips up and down the streets of Prague. We haven't covered all the areas of Prague but we promise to update the post with regular updates in the future so keep coming back to the post to have a look or even make a suggestion of an area that you would like us to search.
         It takes a lot of time to collect all this information and put it together, so the original idea of discovering hidden little secrets in Prague has over the years expanded a lot and as it has other ideas have come to mind and this post on delis is our first one, so we hope that you find it useful and of course if you do then please spread the word. We are a non-profit organisation so to speak and this is a labour of love and we would be glad to hear some feedback from time to time especially if you would like us to either cover another new area or maybe like this post focus on a specialist topic, such as vegetarian restaurants or micro breweries as an example because as time has gone on we have developed a bigger picture of what photos we feel might be useful in the future. For example in the last trip around Vinohrady, which is due out within the next month, we, well, I took with the help of my son over 1000 photos of which only 100 will be used and the rest will hopefully be kept on a disc for future possible posts of varying natures and hopefully not lost or mislaid like a lot of the early post's photos.
         So we hope that you enjoy this post as much as we did putting it together and as I said, keep an eye on it as it will be updated and any comments re posts, places which have recently opened or closed and future possible posts will be very much appreciated.


Wine Food Market – Italian     Country Life – bio
web:         web:

Raj syru – cheese                      Ruska chut – Russian
web:                 Terronská 64

Robertson – British                      Japa Shop – Japanese
web:    web:


Sabores – Spanish                   Bio Orient - organic & halal
web:             Puškinovo náměstí 10

Cantina Etrusca – Italian            Casa del Parmigiano – cheese
web:     Puškinovo náměstí 633/13


Celiakie – gluten-free


French Delicatessen                                Grande Vita – healthy food
web:       Křižíkova 49

The Gourmet Shop                                           Warehouse #1 - Ultra Premium Brands
web:    web:

V&R Imports - wine tasting and sales        Nas grunt – farmers' products
web:                             web:



Madarsky klobasovy dum – Hungarian      Mexicali – Mexican
web:                     web:

Celiakie - life - Italian gluten-free products

Mala Strana

Zdravicek – farmers' food shop            Fork & Cork - Food & Wine lovers
web:                        web:

Bio Bachovky - flower essence therapy

Nove Mesto 

Korean Market                          Farah oriental market
Gorazdova                                 web:

Chez Amis – oriental fast food & delicatessen      Gourmet Gornitzki – cheese & ham
web:                                  web:

Pate du Chef – pates              The Real Meat Society
web:        web:

Produits de France – French        Catch Me – fish delicatessen & fast food
web:     web:

Fair Trade Centrum                       Trakia – Bulgarian
web:       web:

Russian delicatessen                      Italian sweetshop
Vladislavova 13                            Vodičkova 673/4

Moje Kredenc – delicatessen                   Petite France – French bakery
web:        web:

Cesky grunt – farmers' products       Vegetarian fast food
web:                 web:

Boutiques Gourmandes – French delicatessen & bakery     Naturinka – forest produce
web:                                           web:

Galaxy – halal food                        Punto Italia – Italian
web:        web:
Cider Club                                          Bistro Deli & Bakery
web:                            web:


Vlastovka – Russian


Svacek – delicatessen                                  Cheesy
web:                 Štefánikova 18/25

Provence Nature – Specialties from Provence      Bio Smichov
web:                              web:

Stare Mesto

Pralinkovy klub - Luxury chocolate shop    Baker Street – pipes, cigars & more
web:                     web:

Wine Food Market                            Fruta Pura - Fruit & Veggies 
web:                  web:

Masna na Kozim Placku – Butcher's             Bistro & Obchod No. 19
Kozi 9                                                          web:

Nas grunt - farmer's products                       Culinaria - specialty food shop
web:                                  web:

Patisserie Jolie                                     La Bottega
web:            web:


Robertson – British                                     Asian Speciality Foods
web:                   Vinohradska 6

Petit Gourmet – wines                                Capati – Indian
web:                          web:

Vinohratky – wines, spirits & cigars                         Pivak – beer rohlik & Italian delicatessen
web:          web:

Choco Loves Coffee – chocolaterie            Cheesy
web:                  Jugoslávská 23

Hungaro Delikates – Hungarian                 Cesmina – bio
web:                web:

Bio Zahrada                                             Biohome
web:                   web:

Repraha – oriental                                       Korean and Japanese wholesale and retail
web:                                  Korunní 47/1186

Vlastovka – Russian                                       Radost – Bulgarian
web:                          web:

Naturally – bio                                               Di – Sardinia
web:                                             web:

Greek Corner                                                 Casa Nostra – Italian
web:               web:

Syrarna – cheese                                           Cafe Buddha – Asian & Sushi
Slavíkova 3                                                    web:

Diana – nuts                                                 Vom Fass – draught oils, vinegars, spirits
web:                       web:

Tesori d'Italia
Americká 743/30

Antoine Philippe – French wines

Ocean Delikates – seafood

MT Syr – cheese

Toro Blanco – Spanish

Farmama – farmers' products
Vinohradska 103

Bio Vinohrady

Pavlis – Butcher's

Olympia – Greek delicatessen

Gastronom – Russian delicatessen

Nas grunt - farmer's products


Pampas Market – Argentinian

Al Rai – oriental

Fajnsmekr – delicatessen, wine tasting

Baryk – delicatessen

Český farmářský krámek – Czech farmers' products
Vršovická 88


Smak – Russian
Poděbradská 777/9e

BMC – Spanish

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