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Zvětšit mapu

Hello, and welcome to another post on Prague. Today's entry is a little unique, mainly due to the fact that I haven't written the excerpt and the second fact is that we don't have a review as such because this was the last area that we visited before our son was born and we can't find all the photos. We seem to have lost them somewhere so we hope to add a review plus a few more interesting places soonish.

The post in this part of our journey has been written by my SVG for the reasons that she has a huge love for Letna, she has lived the Letna live since coming to Prague and our son was conceived in Letna, so she deserves to be heard, so enjoy her voice, though not too much as "I will be back", and if you have any suggestions of places to add to this post please let us know, the more obscure the better, so no fraktal suggestions please.

There is a story connected with this part of Holesovice which my dear boyfriend and the author of this blog probably thinks is made up but I have witnesses and even pictures to prove it. In 1980 my dad participated in a spartakiad which was something like a small communistic olympic game for all the countries involved. He took my mum with him so she could see Prague, she was already a few months pregnant with me at that time. They stayed in hotel Belvedere - it is still there and it is in a street where I found my first apartment after moving to Prague from Poland. I didn't know the story then and only after my parents visited me for the first time did they tell me that I spent a few prenatal days right there, and that my mum swayed her belly with me inside enjoying walks in my favourite-to-be park in Letna. To add another funny factor to this story, I told it during my first job interview, and guess what, I got the job!

Another story on the subject 'Letna/destiny/pregnant people/other weird stuff' is that our first date was in Letna's probably most famous expat restaurant Fraktal, that's where David first grabbed my boobie and I thought, 'Oh yeah, he's going to be a father of my child. Who was also conceived in Letna haha.


Thanks to the long weekend we managed to try the delights of Peperoncino in Letna. The restaurant was one that I had passed and thought looked like all of the other Pizzerias in Prague but on the recommendation of a friend we decided to do a review of the food and atmosphere. Beforehand we were advised to make a reservation as it is always very busy and even though we arrived at 14.30 the place was still thriving. The restaurant is non-smoking as nowadays as we have young Samuel in tow, was a welcome sight.
      Another welcome sight was the menu, thankfully no pizzas and there was a lot of seafood which is always something to cheer about in Prague, so I thought that the sternest test would be to try some of the seafood and I would normally go for the seafood but instead I decided on the fresh turbot with a potato with spinach and cream and my sexy vigilant girlfriend (SVG) went not surprisingly for the pasta and had spinach and ricotta ravioli with butter and sage. At this point I feel that I should start with a positive, the feel of the restaurant or the vibe is very cool and the staff are very professional and kind. I was looking forward to a nice chunky piece of turbot from the grill but in fact what I got was plaice, similar fish but a bit like David and Goliath are both humans is the best way to describe it. The fish was cooked well and was fresh though the potatoes were unseasoned but were nicely arranged on the plate as you can see. My SVG enjoyed the pasta which was freshly made but I would guess that it was brought in fresh and made elsewhere, maybe in P1 at their other restaurant. (it was a bit too hard and too salty though and didn't come anywhere near to David's delicious home-made tortellini - SVG) I had a glass of Sicilian red wine with my fish which was light and slightly acidic and reasonably priced and another nice thing was that they gave free water from the tap but served chilled in bottles which are placed on the table.

I would definitely come here again especially when the weather is pleasant and the garden is open, with friends and family on a weekend for lunch or a romantic evening with my SVG for my birthday or just when she wants to remind me how lovely I am, but for my dish, if I have to say if it was value for money then I would have to say no but on the other hand, my SVG would say for sure that her dish was worth the brass. 


Restaurants & cafes

Cafe & milk bar                                       Cross Club                             

Al Capone's Coffee and Gallery              BoulderBar
Jireckova 15                               

Other places of interest

Home-made dumplings                          Indoor golf

Clothes for cooks                               Riding equipment                   

Basketball equipment                                 Party equipment

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