Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ZIZKOV part 2

Well it is back to blogging again after a week in Poland with my SVG and her family, who were extremely welcoming and I have learned several valuable things from my week away in Poland and that is Family is very important, a Polish table is always full of food and vodka, never drive to Poland, always fly or take the train and if your future father in law is an ex Olympic sharpshooter, don't upset his favourite daughter.

We decided to go back to Zizkov when we got back because we had to go to Jiriho z Podebrad to hand over some second hand books that my SVG had sold on expats. This part of Zizkov is a very hilly area so we put on our hiking shoes and set off with the plan to finish the rest of Zizkov off the following day.
If you remember the last blog about Zizkov, you will remember we mentioned the interesting fact that there were over 300 bars and restaurants so it was no surprise that both our cameras packed in before the end and we had about 500 photos between us so it was real difficult task to narrow the 500 down to a blog full but don't worry because for those of you who would like to see all the photos that we have taken while following the blog might be interested to know that we are in the process of setting up a Facebook page which we thought could be more socially interactive and a place where people could add there own comments about places in Prague and keep everyone informed about new interesting places to visit, also all the photos of places that we didn’t put on the blog will be in the album section for your perusal with a little info such as email and address. Hopefully it will be up at the end of the week so you can go to Livincity - Prague and click that you like it and start making comments, also of course because it is fairly new. We would be interested in your comments on how we could make it better because our idea is just to have a forum where people can meet people and pass on interesting info and experiences out places that they have visited.

It was hard to decide on the final photos as I mentioned above, but some places did stick out and give us a kind of Zizkov atmosphere such as Yes Burger and Rizek Planet (see below) so have a look and make a comment, let us know what you think. We appreciate any input that is positive except from The Dude who is very difficult to please it seems. Only joking Benjamin. This started as a fun way to spend a day over the weekend and now it seems to be turning into a massive project which we hope to see grow and develop as more of Prague is revealed and in the near future we hope to also set up a website that will be like a community travel directive, helping not only people living in the city but visitors to Prague and after Prague we will see.

Review no.1

The first place that our hunger led us to was a nice little cafe called Yes Burger. It is on the main drag through Zizkov and not so far from the Viktoria Zizkov football stadium. What we liked about it was that it is a very colourful place and the decor is very personalized and you get the feel that the people who started up the business had a lot of energy and plenty of ideas of what they wanted to do. From the title you can guess that they have a large selection of burgers, so with an empty stomach we ventured in and we were not disappointed. They also had other things on offer such as quesadillas and vegetarian options so my SVG was very relieved at that fact. I went for the Mexican burger which came with a toasted bun, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and the usual garnish, and the burger was spicy and a fair size for under 100czk and my SVG had the vegetarian option which was a toasted bun filled with aubergine, courgette, peppers and dressing and she was very satisfied with it and the price as well was as attractive as the burgers were.

As I said at the beginning, the cafe had been personally decorated and the colour scheme was very bold and as well as some framed boxes with kinder egg toys and fantasy figurines. It had a nice welcome feeling and the chef who was very friendly and my SVG commented, "he looks like that guy out of Little Britain". I will let you decide which one. We give it a big thumbs up and will go there again, we were very happy.

                                                 Yes Burger
                                             ul. Seifertova 14

Other places of interest


Mexican restaurant Amores Perros      Japanese and Thai restaurant Kon Nichi Wa                         ul. Borivojova 58

Vegan City                                  Schnitzel Planet                          
ul. Husitska 45                                 

Yo! Sushi                                                Pakistani restaurant and food shop
Sladkovskeho namesti                   

Bars and cafes

Coffee and Tea                                       Bowling bar                    

Cafe and galllery                          Pivoteka Pivni Rozmanitost                       Husitska 37                                


Collectibles & Fashion                            Korean food and goods                           ul. Borivojova 34

Kite shop                                                 Halal meat                                            ul. Borivojova 76

Other businesses

Wall Designers                                        Cooking school                            

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