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Hello again, this week we had a special request to find a music bar in the Nusle area, so it was off on our merry way to one of my old stomping grounds and to see if we could find a music bar for one of my student's band to play.
I lived in Nusle briefly in 2007 and I didn't really do much scouting around as I usually headed towards the centre to  more regular haunts near and around Staromestske Namesti, most of what I had seen, was  from the 18 tram or walking down from Prazskeho Povstani metro so I kept my fingers crossed because I wasn't very confident that we would find many gems but in fact we were a little bit surprised as you will see if you read on a little further.
What can I tell you about Nusle? Well its most famous landmark is also its most notorious as far as I am concerned and it isn't  the huge high security prison at Pankrac but in fact it is the bridge which spans from I.P. Pavlova to Vysehrad and everyone will tell you that because of its height it is very popular for die hard jumpers, without the bungee and so far there has been up to around 300 leaps, so pretty grim stats but that is not all that we found out. Some more interesting facts are that in 1925 the biggest or largest bowling alley was built at the Sokol and it is pre-brunswick so 9 pins instead of 10 and they were attached to strings so when they are being set it more resembles a Punch and Judy show than a game of bowling . There was also a brewery here but a long time ago, it was in the 17th century I believe and it was one of the largest in Europe at that time and finally it is also home to Divadlo na Fidlovacce which takes its name from a festival celebrating shoemakers and I do believe that there is a play based on this parade which is also mentioned in the national athem apparently, if anyone knows the lyrics or the name of the play then please leave me a comment. Actually, those of you who read my blogs, most of you I have no idea who you are unless you want to add yourself as a friend, then I can see who you are, don't be shy.

Review no. 1

It was a nice day so we decided that a beer garden was the most crucial requirement and I remembered one place in Nam. Generala Kutlvasra called Na kvetnici, so that was it then and off we went. The beer on draft, served from a large tank was Staropramen and I am getting to prefer this more to Pilsen or Gambrinus but that is just my personal choice. I had a mixed beer, half dark, half light or rezane in Czech is especially difficult to pronounce also, and my SVG had a non alcoholic water. In the past you used to have to go to a hatch to order your drinks and order your food at the table but now untill 6pm you can order both at the table so there is an improvement straight away.
They have a fixed menu which has a nice variety, mainly Czech but there are some international choices as well and a daily menu which has about 5 choices of main dishes and a couple of soups at very reasonable prices, so I went for the wild boar entrecote and surprisingly my SVG went for the roast duck, being a semi-vegetarian, which was leg and wing with 5 types of dumplings, and the portions were very generous to boot. The steak was well done, though I wasn't asked how I would like it, it still was quite tender although it could have done with some seasoning but for 150czk, I was not complaining. There were no complaints from my SVG either apart from it was too much so all in all we would recommend it and for me it is one of the better large beer garden pubs in Prague although for the sports fans there is no TV so that may be a downside but apart from that it is open, quiet, clean, good beer, good food and table service which is pretty efficient.

 Restaurant Na Kvetnici

Review no. 2

This place is for the beer lovers and is a very small independently run pub that serves a relatively little known beer from a small brewery with a long tradition and has a great view of the high security prison and you can see some of the inmates, depending on when you go there. It also has a small beer garden and even a small children's playing area. We came for the beer and just because it is hidden away. There beer is called Kacovske and it comes in 10 and 12 degree and is cheap and pretty good so if you fancy something different then give it a try. It is worth it just for the beer which you will not find anywhere else, I hope and also the beautiful view.
U Klokočníka
Na veselí 48

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