Monday, April 4, 2011


This week's foray is around Podoli, which roughly translated means valley. Our reason for choosing this area is firstly to do with my SVG's parents being in town and wanting to see the river and secondly and more importantly, to get a glimpse of the hospital where my SVG will give birth, and I will also be at her side giving her support and encouragement, come on you reds!! as long as it is not on a match day that is.

We looked for some interesting information about Podoli and we couldn't find any so there is an opportunity for someone to add a comment. Apart from the swimming pool, water works which originally were built to supply water to the neighbouring town of Vinohrady and the Yacht club it is manly a residential area and a very nice area to live in from what we saw, but for the blog, looking for places of interest the pickings were very thin.

Though we were persistent and we did manage to add some places of interest but I think unless you live there or close to there, I wouldn't bother heading out there unless you have a reason to. Although saying that, there were a few nice interesting places that would be worth a visit, when you are feeling a little adventurous.

Review no. 1

I will keep this review short and to the point because as I mentioned previously this is a mainly residential area so there was not too much to choose from but in the end we ended up in a typical Czech restaurant because my SVG's parents really wanted to try a fried cheese, so how could I refuse. The order was 3 fried cheese, 1salmon risotto and a spicy Filipino prawn dish which was very tasty but the sauce was pre-packed but also very filling. The service was pleasant and the pricing was average. Also orth a mention for you meat lovers was the nice range of reasonably priced steaks, Czech and Argentinian starting from just under 200czk for 200g and if you want larger then there is the 400g to sink your teeth into.
 If you are in the area I would recommend it but I wouldn't suggest making a special trip out there to dine, although Mum and dad in-law were very happy with the restaurant, the smazeny syr  and that they could finally sit down. I don't think that they realised how far we would be walking hence mum's choice of footwear. I hasten to say she was nursing a few blisters in the evening but I was still in the good books, well that was the translation my SVG gave me. I am going to Poland for Easter so we will see how the reciprocal treatment is on their home turf.

                                             Restaurace Sklenik
                                             ul. Na Dolinach 52

Other places of interest


Tobaco music bar               Scandal Bar        


Ta Kavarna                                              Nargila Club Hrob                          


Russian specialties                                   Musical instruments                 

Special mention

Mini Golf Club Dekanka
Dekanska vinice I/987/5

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