Monday, June 2, 2014

PIZZA Restaurants

Hello again, well i have to admit that although i have still been scouring the streets of Prague's many districts. Between me and my beautiful SVG ( sexy vigilant (very) girlfriend ), we've been tied down by our 2 small children, so basically speaking we haven't had the time to upload all the photos and add the texts, but bare with us because we will get back on track, that is a promise. So this edition is like a best bits selection from all the places that we have visited and it was inspired by a recent competition on to find the best Pizza restaurant in Prague and during our travels we have stumbled upon a huge collection of Pizza restaurants and although there are many places which sell pizza as part of their menu, we decided to just include Pizza restaurants because mostly we didn't include them in the best restaurant section so they have been a little neglected, so now is a chance for them to shine and for us to show you what is out there, well that is in the areas that we have covered so far. My personal choice based on my time in Prague is one of the first places that i visited and it is still up there at the top of the pile as far as i am concerned but then i could be a little bit biased and that is Pizzeria Kmotra in Nove mesto and if i have to choose a fast food pizza take away then it is with out question U Itala in Prague 10, but obviously you will have your own opinion and we respect that of course, but if you are looking for somewhere new to visit the wht not have a browse through our list.


Fresh Point                                          Pizza Grosseto                    


Mystic Pizza
Radnické schody 5


Modra Zahrada                 Pepenero


Sindibad Cihelna                                 La Familia
Karlínské náměstí 13                 

Carllino                                                    Vesuv                              

Pizzeria Manna                                        Pizza Papa Cipolla                 

Pizzeria Rialto


Pizzeria La Porta                                     Pizzeria Komin
Sokolovská 204                            

Pizzerie u Divadla                                    Ristorante La Palma               

Pizzeria Tiamo                                         Cerreto                            

Zenklova 78

Mala Strana

Cafe Becher                        Popocafepetl   

La Fame                              Ristorante Carmelita

Pizzeria v Laznich                 Saint Nicholas
Lázeňská 6                


Nove Mesto

Kmotra                               So Pasta                  V celnici 4

Zorto                                          La Corte       

Alforno                                       Rugantino                        

Da Marcello                               Coloseum
Zlatnická 9                        

Cartello Alto                                            Di Carlo                             

Donna                                        U Dzberu          

Fresco Vento




Il Nostro                                             Pizza Einstein                    

Stare Mesto

Bašta                                  Coloseum
Na příkopě 957/23   

The good soldier
Ristorante Kogo                  Le Cinque Corone

Gio                                      U Templaru

Pizza Nuova                        Vabene

Mikulka                               Pizza&Pasta Factory

La Piccola Perla                          Sherry

Grosseto                                                  Maestro                           

Pizzeria Donna                            Taverna Toscana          

Oliva Verde                                Al Minuto           


Pizzerie Bar Skalka Pizza Caffe
Skalka metro station Skalka metro station
U Itala Veranda

Pizza u Hasicu Carosello

PaGa Pizza Pizza Nonstop

Caffe Pizzeria Vinice

Pepenero                                                Red Flower

Pazza Idea                                                Palermo      

Concordia                                              La Torretta           

Pizza Einstein                                          Grosseto                   

Sicilia Terasa                                          Grosseto                               

Quattro Gusto                                         Square Pizza-Grill-Cafe
Francouzska 17                                      Budečská 816/4

Simon                                                     Roma Uno               

Coloseum                                         Matylda

Pizza La Bella Donna                              Na Krizovatce            

Pizza Dali                                                Pizzeria Sorrento                                    Nitranská 20

Buon Giorno
Slavíkova 6


Padova                                                     La Torretta                              

Mon Ami                                                 Topo Maschio                      


Sonno di Forno                                       Bistro O'hh la la                              




Mon Ami Delicates

Pasta E Basta Pod Viktorkou
Senovážné náměstí 981/21

Pizza Einstein U Stare Pece Olšanské náměstí 1782/8

Pizza Lambertini Zluta Pec
Koněvova 69 Koněvova 1131/88

Don Vito Nemesis
Koněvova 2596/211 Koněvova 1728/118

Biskupcova 1653/27