Monday, February 14, 2011

get adventurous

Hi there, well this is my first experience writing a blog and my reason for doing it is to try and change my bad habit of always talking about doing something and never doing it. My idea was born from living in Prague for 10 years and all that I have to show, apart from having visited all the known sites are the few pubs and clubs that I frequent, because of my nationality or maybe my generation, not quite sure which but I tend to be contented in visiting the same old places and knowing the names of the regulars and bar staff and enjoying that comfort.

Then when people have come to visit me and I have tried to show them something or place interesting I have been forced to resort to guide books, which in my opinion usually have the usual suspects and although they are fairly reasonable they all tend to be focused on a small nucleus of the city and don't necessarily add anything unique or interesting, so I thought that I would like to open up the city by taking to the streets and seeing what is out there. Many times while walking around the city I have seen interesting sites, graffiti, playgrounds, galleries, shops and of course bars and restaurants and thought "hey that looks cool" and 20 min later forgotten all about it. My loss and definitely a huge shame, especially seeing as I am trying to change the person that I am and my bad habits.

So the reason for this blog is my therapy, the discipline of writing a blog and getting out there and discovering new things and pushing myself to not be such an introvert. I live in Prague 9, so this is where I decided to begin my journey and my plan is each weekend to spend 2 to 3 hours walking around all the streets in a particular area and documenting all the places, whatever they may be and put it to paper, now i am not an IT expert so if anybody out there is able to help me with the technical problems that I face then please drop me a line, for example I want to have a map on the blog of the area that I covered and pin all the places that I have visited, as well as documenting all the places of interest for example I found a small shop selling fire extinguishing equipment and parek v rohliku, which for those who don't know is the Czech version of the hot dog, normally forced into the roll poking out of the end of the roll and looking very similar to a part of the male anatomy and served with or without ketchup or Czech mustard or horcice, which is Czech for mustard of course.. but that in itself probably wouldn't be so interesting and walking around the city for 3 hours is pretty hard physically and mentally, so because I love food and drink, and I also  love to cook, I will write about restaurants, wine bars, pubs and put up some photos and just a basic description about it and paying particular attention to good friendly service and atmosphere.

fire extinguishing equipment and parek v rohliku shop

The plan is to spend 1 year on this project to see how much of Prague I can get around and open up to an otherwise uncharted city and the thoughts and reviews from the readers out there and also any additions to the blog of possible places that I missed are very important to this project so please please give me your feedback and recommend new places in areas that I have visited.


  1. I'll sort your map out in the week buddy - Thanks for coming yesterday, and see you on Tuesday :0)

  2. First of all - let me give you many compliments to your therapy decision, it's always hard to change our bad habbits - thereofore I'll have my fingers crossed for you :)
    Second - it's embarrassing to say so, especially in the public :-D, but some of the places you've discovered in Prague 9 were, by today, secret to me although I've been living there for almost 2,5 years now :-") well, one can learn something new every day, right :)?
    good luck with your "blog therapy", I'll definitely be one of the regular followers :-)